Sector General (novel)

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First edition (publ. Del Rey Books)
cover artist: Rick Sternbach

Sector General is a 1983 science fiction novel by author James White and is part of the Sector General series.[1] The book includes four stories.


  • "Accident": A major accident at a multi-species spaceport inspires the two heroes who ended the human-Orligian war (MacEwan and Grawlya-Ki) to found Sector General.
  • "Survivor": A giant snail spacewreck survivor transmits pain and fear while unconscious.
  • "Investigation": A spacewreck scene seems to indicate amputations from each victim, causing ambulance commander Fletcher to suspect cannibalism.
  • "Combined Operation": The scene of a spacewreck contains hundreds of pods, which turn out to be a colony ship carrying the last survivors of an alien race.


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