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Seeker Wireless
Mobile Location-Based Services
Industry Mobile Telecommunications
Headquarters Sydney, Australia
Key people
Chris Drane - CEO
Malcolm Macnaughtan - CTO
Darren Charles - CFO

Seeker Wireless is a company based in Sydney, Australia, that develops a range of technologies for mobile positioning, including a Hybrid positioning system.

Seeker Wireless’ technology utilises proprietary statistical algorithms to calculate the position of mobile devices based on combinations of cellular, Wi-Fi and/or GPS radio data measured by the terminal.

In the majority of their commercial solutions, the processing of the radio data for location determination is performed in the terminal or on the SIM card, providing a distributed, user-plane architecture. Seeker Wireless does however also provide a zone-based charging (geofencing) solution that can be configured to operate as a purely network-based system.

The Radio Network databases used for position calculation are provided (and updated) either by a Mobile Network Operator, or by surveying. The data can be kept up-to-date in between Radio Network database uploads by way of automatic network discovery and reporting by the terminal.

Commercially-deployed services that utilise Seeker Wireless location technology include the Local Zone [1][2] and Vodafone Acasa [3][4] ‘Home Zone’ (FMS) services, deployed by Vodafone New Zealand and Vodafone Romania respectively, and a mobile directory search service, Rednano Locate,[5] deployed by SPH Search in Singapore.

Seeker Wireless’ solutions currently support SIM Tool Kit (STK) and various mobile platforms including Symbian S60, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android and J2ME.

In 2011, the intellectual property was acquired by the Safely division of Location Labs


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