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Sei Chokh is a Bengali romantic drama film directed by Salil Dutta based on a story on Bengali novelist Bimal Mitra.[1] The film was released 30 July 1976 under the banner of Gitali Pictures. Nachiketa Ghosh was the music director of Sei Chokh.[2][3]


Nabakrishna's uncle Prankrishna bring back him to their home from a mental home. Before that Nabakrishna lives like a free bird, always had his way with women and being kind hearted he always gifted them. He can not bear restrictions imposed by his uncle and aunts, he soon escapes with his servant Bipul. They don't have any place to stay hence Nabakrishna goes to Mrs. Nandi's home. Nita, Mrs. Nandi's niece is a simple girl who loved Amal against her aunts will, but Mrs. Nandi plans to separate them and fixes Nita's marriage with Nabakrishna. Hearing the news of the marriage another lady Malati rushes to cancel the marriage because she was Nabakrishna's ex lover. By this time Nita's lover Amal also returns.


  • Kalyani Adhikari
  • Haradhan Bannerjee
  • Moni Srimani
  • Sailen Mukhopadhyay


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