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First edition cover.
Author Jerry Seinfeld
Cover artist Annie Leibovitz
Country United States
Language English
Genre Comedy
Publisher Bantam
Publication date
1993 (hardcover), 1995 (Paperback)
Media type Print (Hardcover, Paperback)
Pages 180 pp
ISBN 0-553-09606-0 (hardcover)
ISBN 0-553-56915-5 (paperback)
OCLC 31774544
LC Class 93-14467

Seinlanguage is a 1993 book written by Jerry Seinfeld. Seinlanguage was critically acclaimed[citation needed] and scored a spot on the New York Times Best Seller list.[1] The title is a play on words, taking advantage of how the first four letters of "Seinfeld" are a homonym of "sign" (as in sign language).


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