Sekai Mumei Senshi no Haka

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Sekai Mumei Senshi no Haka (世界無名戦士之墓?), lit. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the World, is the Cenotaph in Ogose, Saitama Japan.


The plan of cenotaph was promoted with Hidekuni Hasebe (長谷部秀邦?) vice-speaker of Saitama prefectural assembly (埼玉県議会 Saitama-ken gikai?) and built in 1953. Cenotaph is for 264 remains and soul of Japanese and the 2.51 million soul of dead soldiers of more than 60 countries during World War II. The memorial service, Shichi-Go-San parade, garden plant market and fireworks are held second Saturday or Sunday of May annually.

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Coordinates: 35°57′51″N 139°17′22″E / 35.96417°N 139.28944°E / 35.96417; 139.28944