Sekesai Makwavarara

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Sekesai Makwavarara is the former deputy mayor and acting mayor of Harare.[1] Makwararara began her work for council in 2002 for Mabvuku as a member of the Movement for Democratic Change party.[2] Initially a member of ZANU-PF, she temporarily was a member of the Movement for Democratic Change. During her tenure of service for the Mabvuku city council she served under deputy mayor Elias Mudzuri until she was appointed as acting mayor following the forced deposition of Mudzuri by the national government. After the MDC party launched a probe which identified her as being corrupt she rejoined the ZANU-PF. She resigned from this position in 2004. In 2006, she was appointed as the head of a commission that ran the Harare City Council's affairs until December 2008.


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