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Type Kebab
Course Snacks
Place of origin Nepal
Region or state Eastern Nepal
Created by Limbu people
Main ingredients lemons on the side
Cookbook: Sekuwa  Media: Sekuwa
Sekuwa Kebab in Nepalese restaurant.

Sekuwa is a meat roasted in a natural wood/log fire in a real traditional Nepalese country style. It is the traditional snacks for Limbu people often drink with Tongba or Raksi [1] At first while the meat is still in its raw stage is mixed with natural herbs and spices and other necessary ingredients. Sekuwa could be of pork, lamb, goat or chicken, or a mixture. Sekuwa is very popular in Nepal, especially in the Dharan and Kathmandu. Dharan and Tarahara a small towns in Sunsari District of Koshi State in the Eastern Nepal could be called as the sekuwa capitals of Nepal.[citation needed]


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