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The NE slope of Sellada seen from the sea with Kamari below. The meandering road leads to Ancient Thera.

Sellada (Greek: Σελλάδα) is a mountain pass between the peaks of Profitis Ilias and Mesa Vouno, near the village of Kamari in the island of Santorini, Greece. The NE and NW slopes of Sellada accommodated the necropolis (i.e. cemetery) of Ancient Thera, Santorini's classical antiquity city. Excavations in Sellada during the years 1961 - 1982 by Nikolaos Zapheiropoulos have uncovered several tombs with funeral gifts, pithoi, and funerary kouroi and korai,[1] some of which are exhibited at Fira archaeological museum.


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Coordinates: 36°22′6.24″N 25°28′26.76″E / 36.3684000°N 25.4741000°E / 36.3684000; 25.4741000