Selleslagh Racing Team

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Belgium Selleslagh Racing Team
Team principal(s) Niels Selleslagh
Current series International GT Open
Former series FIA GT Championship
Belgian GT Championship
Selleslagh Racing Corvette C6.R at the 2009 Budapest City Challenge.

Seleslagh Racing Team (SRT) is a Belgian racing team, currently competing in the 2014 International GT Open season.

In the 2010 season the team competed under the Mad-Croc Racing banner, the result of a collaboration between SRT and DKR Engineering of Luxembourg. For 2011 the two teams split to form two separate entries into the championship.

In 2011 the team concluded the 2011 season with a win in the last race. After this they started working in the background.

In 2014 the team is back. They acquired a Corvette C6 GTE and will be entering the car in the 2014 International GT Open season and elsewhere also.[1]


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