Semiramide riconosciuta

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Semiramide riconosciuta (Semiramis recognized or revealed) is an opera libretto by Pietro Metastasio (1698-1782), written in 1729. It is for opera seria, and accordingly consists of recitatives and da capo arias. It tells a story of the legendary Semiramis, wife of the Biblical Nimrod.


The voice types and character descriptions are taken from the text set to music in 1729 by Leonardo Vinci:[1]

  • Semiramide (soprano), Assyrian queen, in masculine dress under the name Nimrod; in love with Scitalce, who had previously known her in Egypt under the name Idreno
  • Mirteo (soprano), Egyptian prince, brother of Semiramis (though he does not know this), in love with Tamiri
  • Ircano (contralto), Scythian prince, in love with Tamiri
  • Scitalce (contralto), Indian prince, in love with Semiramide
  • Tamiri (soprano), Bactrian princess, in love with Scitalce
  • Sibari (tenor), confidante of and secretly in love with Semiramide



The libretto has been used as the text for operas by several composers, including:


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