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Business Unit of Applied Materials (NASDAQAMAT)
Industry Semiconductor
Founded Kalispell, Montana (1979)
Headquarters Kalispell, Montana
Number of employees
1157 (2007)

Semitool was a semiconductor manufacturing/capital equipment company based in Kalispell, Montana.


The company designed, developed, manufactured high performance and precision chemical processing equipment. Products included electrochemical deposition systems for electroplating copper, gold, solder and other metals; surface preparation systems for cleaning, stripping and etching silicon wafers; and wafer transport container cleaning systems.

Their main competitors were the Austrian company SEZ, Solid State Equipment Corp. (SSEC), and American FSI International.[1][2]

Applied Materials[edit]

In 2009, Semitool was acquired by Applied Materials. [3] It operates Semitool as a business unit and still operates the facility in Kalispell. [4]


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