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Sen may refer to: Definition; Old Latin: The One, one, only


  • Sen (surname), a Bengali surname
  • Şen, a Turkish surname
  • A variation of the Serer surname Sène, pronounced Sen

Currency subunit[edit]


  • Amartya Sen (born 1933), Indian economist and philosopher
  • Aparna Sen (born 1945), an Indian filmmaker, screenwriter and actress
  • Antara Dev Sen (born 1963), a British–Indian journalist
  • Asit Sen (actor) (1917 – 1993), a prolific Indian film actor and comedian in the Hindi film industry
  • La Banda de SEN (born 1984), Venezuelan musician and actor
  • Kaushik Sen (or Koushik Sen), an Indian actor of film, television and theatre based in Kolkata
  • Ko Chung Sen (born 1968), a Malaysian surgeon and politician of Chinese descent
  • Konkona Sen Sharma (born 1979), an Indian actress, writer, and director
  • Lakshya Sen (born 2001), an Indian male badminton player
  • Lin Sen (1868 – 1943, courtesy name Zichao), a former Chairman of the National Government of the Republic of China
  • Mihir Sen (1930 – 1997), a famous Indian long distance swimmer, a national hero and youth icon
  • Moon Moon Sen (born 1954), an Indian film actress working in Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi and Kannada films
  • Nandana Sen (born 1967), an Indian actress, screenwriter, children's author and child-rights activist
  • Raima Sen (born 1979), an Indian actress
  • Reema Sen (born 1981), an Indian actress and model primarily working in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films
  • Rimi Sen (born 1981), an Indian actress and film producer who has appeared in Bollywood, Telugu and Bengali films
  • Riya Sen (born 1981), an Indian film actress and model
  • Sandipta Sen (born 1987), a Bengali television actress
  • Shobha Sen (1923 - 2017, also known as Sova Sen), a Bengali theatre and film actress
  • Srabani Sen (also spelt as Sraboni Sen), a Bengali Indian singer of Rabindra Sangeet and other genres of Bengali songs
  • Surya Sen (1894 – 1934), a revolutionary and a famous Bengali freedom fighter
  • Suchitra Sen (born as Roma Dasgupta, 1931), an Indian actress
  • Sushmita Sen (born 1975), an Indian actress, model and beauty queen
  • Sen no Rikyū (born 1522, also known simply as Rikyū), a historical figure with the most profound influence on chanoyu, the Japanese "Way of Tea", particularly the tradition of wabi-cha
  • Senhime (1597–1666), or Princess Sen, eldest daughter of the shōgun Tokugawa Hidetada
  • Sun Yat-sen, Chinese leader


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