Senetta Yoseftal

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Senetta Yoseftal
Senetta Yoseftal (id.27696288) (cropped).jpg
Date of birth 5 December 1912
Place of birth Fürth, German Empire
Year of aliyah 1938
Date of death 26 July 2007 (aged 94)
Knessets 3, 8
Faction represented in Knesset
1955–1956 Mapai
1976–1977 Alignment

Senetta Yoseftal (née Punfud) (Hebrew: סנטה יוספטל‎, 5 December 1912 – 26 July 2007) was an Israeli politician.


Yoseftal was born in Germany. She joined the HaBonim movement in 1933 and worked in HeHalutz Center in Berlin from 1934 to 1938. In 1936 she married Giora Yoseftal, later a member of the Knesset, and a minister in the 9th and 10th Israeli governments. She immigrated to Mandatory Palestine in 1938 and helped found Kibbutz Galed in 1945.

She was elected to the Knesset in the 1955 election as a member of Mapai, but gave up her seat after 14 months. She also appeared in the eighth Knesset as a member of the Alignment, replacing Zvi Guershoni after his death, but did not retain her seat in the 1977 election.

In December 2004 she was asked by the Kibbutz Movement to retire from her activities. Towards the end of her life she resided in Kibbutz Galed.

Public activities[edit]

  • Member of Directorate of the United Kibbutz Fund, 1953–1955
  • Member of Organizing Committee of the Histadrut, 1956–1960
  • Director of Economic Department of the United Kibbutz, 1960–1962
  • General Secretary of the United Kibbutz, 1962–1965 and 1967–1970
  • Founder and Director of the Department of Absorption and Development
  • Chairwoman of Mekorot Water Company, 1970–1972
  • Director of Economic Branch of the Agriculture Association, 1974–1979
  • Member of Secretariat and Central Committee of the United Kibbutz Movement and member of Central Committee of the Labour Party

External links[edit]

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  • Berlin, Ludwig (2013). "Biography of Giora (Georg) Josephthal (see last section: 'Senta Josephthal')" (PDF). Nuremberg: Rijo Research. Retrieved 2017-04-24.