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Senior warrant officer (SWO) is a warrant officer rank in the Singapore Armed Forces and the South African National Defence Force.


It is the second highest warrant officer rank, ranking below chief warrant officer.[1]

The service and formation regimental sergeant majors are mostly senior warrant officers. Many senior warrant officers remain in SAF Warrant Officer School to train and groom master sergeants to be good warrant officers. Roles undertaken by senior warrant officers may include pinnacle appointments such as Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA), Air Force Command Chief (AF-CC) or Master Chief Navy (MC-N) and Sergeant Major of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAFSM). They also may be the regimental sergeant majors in Singapore combined armed divisions.

Singapore Armed Forces warrant officer ranks
NATO rank code WO-1 WO-2 WO-3 WO-4 WO-4 WO-5
Image Singapore WO-2.svg Singapore WO-3.svg Singapore WO-4b.svg Singapore WO-4a.svg
Rank Third warrant officer Second warrant officer First warrant officer Master warrant officer Senior warrant officer Chief warrant officer
Abbreviation 3WO 2WO 1WO MWO SWO CWO

South Africa[edit]

In 2008[2] the warrant officer ranks of the South African National Defence Force were expanded and the rank of senior warrant officer was created.

Senior warrant officer rank insignia in the SANDF


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