Serafi Mega Mall

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Serafi Mega Mall
صيرفي ميقا مول
Location Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Coordinates Coordinates: 21°33′36″N 39°11′06″E / 21.56000°N 39.18500°E / 21.56000; 39.18500
Opening date 18 May 2005
Developer Rikaz Development Co.
Architect Abnia Design Consultants
No. of stores and services 200 (2005)
Total retail floor area 100,000m² (2005)
No. of floors 4

Serafi Mega Mall is a shopping mall on corner of Tahlia Street and 60th street in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The building has an L-shaped layout with shops arranged along a central "spine". A 15,000m² [clarification needed] [1]