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Social network
Users 800,000

Sermo (stylized as SERMO) is a private social media network for physicians open to licensed M.D.s and D.O.s in the United States, and 149 other countries across Europe, North and South America, Africa, and English-speaking Oceania.[1]


The community was founded by physician Daniel Palestrant in 2005[2] as an adverse effect reporting system, in response to what Palestrant considered failures in the reporting systems failed the US healthcare system during Merck's 2004 Vioxx (Rofecoxib) recall.[3] In 2007 Sermo raised $26.7 million and in 2011 it raised an additional $3.5 million.[2] The site developed into a discussion board covering a variety of non-clinical and clinical topics. The physician founders sold the business in 2012 to WorldOne Then in July 2012 the community was acquired by WorldOne, Inc.[4] and rebranded to "SERMO" in 2014.[5] Following this the community expanded from the US into 6 additional English-speaking countries, including Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.[6] In September, 2014 the community was also expanded to Spain and Mexico.[7] Sermo is both a social networking site and medical crowdsourcing entity for physicians to receive aid on the medical problems of their patients from other physicians.[8]


In 2014, 3,500 patient cases were posted by doctors in the US. These cases were viewed 700,000 times and received 50,000 comments. The average patient case received a response within 1.5 hours and were marked as resolved within 24 hours.[9] The site has about 550,000 members,[1][10] with its membership including physicians from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Spain, Mexico and New Zealand.[6] Sermo also has twice weekly opinion polls[11] on topics related to physicians issues, which have been cited publications including Forbes Magazine, The Washington Post, The New Orleans Times-Picayune,[12][13][14] and Time Magazine.[15]


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