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Serukulathur Sama was a Tamil film actor who was primarily known for playing the role of the Hindu god Krishna in mythological films of the 1930s and 1940s.

Early Life[edit]

Born in the village Serukalathur in Thanjavur district to Mirasudar (Manager of own farm) Vaidyanadhaiyer, his birth name was Swaminathan. When he was 5 years old his mother died and the father re-married. So Swaminathan went to live with his uncle in Thanjavur. He learned Carnatic music along with academic studies. After passing the S. S. L. C. examination, he married and begot 3 children. He went to Madras in search of employment. There he worked as a clerk for 2 months in the office of the Indian National Congress Party and then for 10 years in the Cosmopolitan Club.[1]

Film Career[edit]

He was a handsome person and had the ability to sing in bass voice. While he was working in the Cosmopolitan club he came in contact with a member of the club Ananthanarayanan Narayanan, who established Srinivasa Cinetone, the first sound recording studio of south India in Kilpauk. Narayanan introduced Swaminathan into films. Swaminathan, now known as Serukalathur Sama, had good looks and singing talent. He was cast as Lord Krishna in most of the films.[2]

Film Producer and Director[edit]

With his success as an actor he embarked on production of films. He leased National Movietone Studio on Poonamallee High Road, Chennai and changed its name as Bharat Cinetone. His first production was Shylock, (Tamilized as Shailak) adapted from Shakespeare's The Merchant Of Venice. He directed the film along with his lawyer friend and signed as Sama-Ramu.[2]


Year Title Role Notes
1934 Draupadi Vastrapaharanam Krishna
1935 Maayaa Bazaar
1936 Bama Parinayam
1937 Chintamani Krishna
Ambikapathy Kambar
1938 Vishnu Leela
1939 Thiruneelakantar
1940 Krishnan Thoothu
Sakuntalai Kanwa Rishi
Shailak Shailak
1941 Subadra Arjuna
1942 Manonmani
1943 Arunthathi
1944 Baktha Hanuman
Bharthruhari Bharthruhari
1945 Bhakta Kalathi
Burma Rani Buddhist monk
1946 Aaravalli Sooravalli
1948 Jeevajothi
Raja Mukthi
1950 Beedala Patlu
Ezhai Padum Padu
1951 Marmayogi Sage
1954 Panam Paduthum Padu
1962 Manithan Maravillai
Pattinathar Sivasarmar


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