Sesselja Sigmundsdottir

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Sesselja Sigmundsdottir
Reykjavík, Iceland

Sesselja (Hreindís) Sigmundsdóttir (5 July 1902 - 8 November 1974) was a noted Icelandic pioneer in the fields of pedagogy and the care for the mentally disabled and founder of the Sólheimar community.[1]

After her training in education in Germany and Switzerland, where she was inspired by Rudolf Steiner, Sesselja returned to Iceland with the plan of establishing a self-sustaining community based on the anthroposophist philosophy. Here she would offer shelter and education to disabled and neglected children. At the age of 28, she acquire some land in a remote valley with its own hot spring and with the help of her family and friends built a farmhouse and named it Sólheimar - home of the sun.[2]

The 2002 stamp[edit]

She has been recognised with a postage stamp issued in 2002 by Íslandspóstur. The stamp has a portrait of Sesselja and a picture of Sólheimar (Value 45 00 Scott 965).[3](An image of the stamp)


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