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Set Enterprises, Inc. is a game publishing company based in Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA. Two of its games have won in the annual Mind Games competition of American Mensa.[1]


  • SET, a visual perception matching card game that involves multiple shapes
  • SET CUBED, a challenging board game where SETs are made by combining the dice in a player's hand with SETs already on the board
  • SET Electronic Handheld, an electronic handheld version of the award-winning classic game of SET
  • SET The Computer Game', a computer version of the award-winning classic game of SET
  • Quiddler, a rummy-based card game involving spelling
  • Xactika, a trick-taking card game involving cards that have four suits each
  • Five Crowns, a rummy-based card game involving five suits and wild cards
  • Trilogy, the visual challenge of SET that involves rummy and the action of war
  • Jurassic Jumble, a blind trading game that involves dinosaurs[citation needed]

Mobile Games[edit]


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