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Seva may refer to:

  • Seva, a nickname for the East Slavic name Vsevolod
  • Seva, volunteer work offered to God (in Indian religions)
  • Seva (Puerto Rico), a fictional town described in the novel Seva by Luis López Nieves
  • "Seva" (short story), by Puerto Rican author Luis López Nieves
  • Seva, Barcelona, a municipality in the comarca of Osona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Seva, Ghana, an island in the Volta Region of Ghana
  • Seva Canada Society, a Vancouver-based non-profit organization that fights blindness in the developing world
  • Seva Foundation, an American non-profit foundation that fights blindness and poverty
  • Ševa, a principal character in the Croatian "anti-show" Nightmare Stage
SEVA (acronym)

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