SevenDust (computer virus)

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SevenDust hacking virus
Common name SevenDust
Technical name SevenDust
Aliases SevenDust.a, .b, .c, .d, .e, .f, .g; 666; MDEF 666, 9806, E; Graphics Accelerator; SevenD
Family SevenDust
Classification Virus
Type Classic Mac OS
Isolation 1998

SevenDust is a computer virus that infects computers running certain versions of the classic Mac OS. It was first discovered in 1998,[1][2][by whom?] and originally referred to as 666 by Apple.

SevenDust is a polymorphic virus, with some variant also being encrypted.[1] It spreads by users running an infected executable.[3] Some variants of SevenDust also delete all non-application files accessed during certain times.[2]

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