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Seven Sisters Oak, Live Oak Society President and National Big Tree Champion, Quercus virginiana category
Seven Sisters Oak, view from east side of tree toward home of current owners.

The Seven Sisters Oak is the largest certified southern live oak tree. Located in Mandeville, Louisiana, it is estimated to be up to 1,500 years old with a trunk that measures 467 inches (38.9 ft; 11.9 m) in circumference, with a height of 68 feet and crown spread of 139 feet.[1] This oak is also the National Champion on the National Register of Big Trees and the Champion Oak of Louisiana, according to the Louisiana Forestry Association. The owner who first named the tree was Carole Hendry Doby, who was one of seven sisters. There are seven sets of branches leading away from the center trunk.[2] The Seven Sisters survived a near direct hit from Hurricane Katrina in August 2005.

The "Seven Sisters Oak," formerly known as "Doby's Seven Sisters," is the current president of the Live Oak Society,[3] a status awarded to it by being the largest live oak registered by the society.

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