Seven Shrines of Abkhazia

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Ruins of the Lashkendar shrine.
Inal-Kuba mountain.

The Seven Shrines of the Abkhaz in Abkhazia are considered holy in the Abkhaz traditional religion and are known and respected by most Abkhaz.


Location District
Dydrypsh mountain near Achandara village Gudauta
Lykhnashta - Lykhny square Lykhny Gudauta
Ldzaa-nykha grove near Ldzaa and Pitsunda Gagra
Inal-kuba mountain near Pskhu village Sukhumi
Adagua mountain shrine near Tsabal village Gulripsh
Lashkendar mountain near Tkvarcheli Tkvarcheli
Elyr-nykha shrine Ilori village Ochamchira

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