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Seyhan Soylu is a well-known figure in Turkey, a high-profile trans woman[1] and media figure who has ventured into politics several times.


Seyhan Soylu was born in Istanbul in 1973.[2]

In 2007, she put herself forward to stand as a candidate for the Democratic Left Party in the Turkish parliament.[2] In 2008 she was arrested as part of ongoing investigations into the Ergenekon scandal.[3] In 2018 she put herself forward to stand as a candidate for the Felicity Party.[4]

Until 2012 she was director of the Turkish television channel Kanal T, where she was involved in the controversial program Penitents Compete.[5]

In 2015 the television channel she was running at the time, tr:Business Channel Türk, lost its broadcasting licence.[6]


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