Shō On

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Shō On
Sho Tetsu and Sho On.jpg
Shō Tetsu (left) and his sons (one of which is Shō On).
King of the Ryūkyū Kingdom
Reign 1795–1802
Predecessor Shō Boku
Successor Shō Sei
Born April 25, 1784
Died August 8, 1802
Burial Tamaudun, Shuri
Spouse Sentoku (Sashiki Aji)
Issue Shō Sei, Crown Prince Nakagusuku
House House of Shō
Father Shō Tetsu
Mother Tokusawa (Kikoe Ōkimi)

Shō On (尚 温?, 1784–1802) was king of the Ryūkyū Kingdom from 1795 to 1802. He made a great contribution to the education of Ryūkyū during his reign.

Shō On was the eldest grandson of the former king, Shō Boku. His father Shō Tetsu (尚哲) died when Shō Boku was still alive, so he became the Heir apparent of the kingdom. After Shō Boku's death, Shō On was installed as the king. However, Shō On was only 11 years old, his teacher Sai Seishō (蔡世昌) became the Kokushi (国師), serving as the king's regent.

The Kokugaku (国学) was established as the National Academy of the Ryukyu Kingdom in Shuri Castle on 1798. Four schools were also founded in the countryside, even farmers could receive education.

But the idea of equal education was not accepted by the Kumemura people, so they launched a rebellion against the reform, and Sai Seishō died in the incident. The rebellion was quickly put down, and some education privileges of Kumemura people were abolished.

Shō On died when he was only 18 years old. He had only one child, Shō Sei, but died 1 year later. His little brother Shō Kō succeeded.


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Preceded by
Shō Boku
King of Ryūkyū
Succeeded by
Shō Sei