Shōhaku Art Museum

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Shōhaku Art Museum
Yang Guifei by Uemura Shoen (Shohaku Art Museum).jpg
General information
Address2-1-4 Tomigaoka
Town or cityNara, Nara Prefecture
Coordinates34°42′36″N 135°44′50″E / 34.710004°N 135.747202°E / 34.710004; 135.747202Coordinates: 34°42′36″N 135°44′50″E / 34.710004°N 135.747202°E / 34.710004; 135.747202
OpenedMarch 1994
Official website

Shōhaku Art Museum (松伯美術館, Shōhaku Bijutsukan) opened in Nara, Japan, in 1994. It was established thanks to donations of artworks and the support of Kintetsu. The collection comprises paintings and sketches by Uemura Shōen, Uemura Shōkō (上村松篁), and Uemura Atsushi (上村淳之), and special exhibitions are staged to help promote the appreciation of Nihonga. The shō () element of the Museum's name is derived from the first character of the first two of these artists' given names, as well as from the pines in the garden of the former honorary chairman of Kintetsu, where the Museum now stands, while the haku () element comes from its tea house, known as Hakusentei (伯泉亭).[1][2]

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