Shaanxi Diesel Engine Factory

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The Shaanxi Diesel Engine Factory of Shaanxi, China is a major producer of diesel-powered electrical generators and high-speed prime movers for large-scale marine applications and is one of China's key state enterprises for the production of such engines. Shaanxi is a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation

The company's large 150-series diesel engines produce between 98 and 1072 hp (73 and 800 kW). In addition, their smaller 396-series engines are produced under license from MTU Friedrichshafen and are intended for use in vehicles, oil production equipment, small marine applications and the generation of power. Shaanxi Diesel's stand-alone power generators are rated for 102 to 536 hp (76 to 400 kW). They are an aftermarket provider as well, producing fifty different types of injector pumps and nozzles. They also produce engines under license for MAN Diesel.

At present,[when?] Shaanxi Diesel exports their products to more than 20 countries.

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