Shadows in the Storm

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Shadows in the Storm
Cover of the movie Shadows in the Storm.jpg
Directed by Terrell Tannen
Produced by A.J. Cervantes
Ronald S Altbach
Strathford Hamilton
J Daniel Dusek
Written by Terrell Tannen
Starring Mia Sara
Ned Beatty
Michael Madsen
Troy Evans
Edited by Marcy Hamilton
Release date
  • 1988 (1988)
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Shadows in the Storm is a 1988 drama/thriller film directed by Terrell Tannen and starring Mia Sara, Ned Beatty, Michael Madsen, and Troy Evans.


Thelonious Pitt (Ned Beatty), a daydreaming businessman, goes to the Redwood Forests of California. There, he meets a beautiful woman, Melanie (Mia Sara). She looks like the woman he has been seeing in his dreams.

At the river late at night, when Melanie's husband finds them, he attacks Thelonious until Melanie pulls out a pistol and fires three shots at her husband. His body goes into the river. That is when the nightmare begins.[1][2]



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