Shahadat Hussain

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Shahadat Hussain
Born 1893
Died 1953 (aged 59–60)
Occupation Poet

Shahadat Hussain (1893–1953) was a Bengali poet and writer. He was born in Chabbish Paragana in West Bengal, India.


In 1915, Hussain entered in the writing world in Bani Sommiloni. In 1931, he said something in an Ein Omanno Andolon, a movement against British government at Kolkata and was sent to prison for three months.


Hussain was a poet, novelist, playwright, and short story writer. Rabindranath Tagore was an influence was on him.

His literary works were included in the curriculum of school level, secondary and higher secondary Bengali Literature in Bangladesh.


  • Mridongo
  • Kolpolekha
  • Rupochanda
  • Modhuchanda


  • Morur Kusum
  • Hiron Rekha
  • Parer Pothe
  • Kheyatori
  • Sonar Kakon
  • Rikto
  • Juger Alo
  • Pother Dekha
  • KataFul
  • Shiri Farhad (a famous work)
  • Laili Majnu (a famous work)
  • Yousuf Julaykha (a famous work)


  • Sorforaj Khan
  • Anar Koli
  • Masnader Moho

For children[edit]

  • Mohon Vog
  • Cheleder Golpo
  • Gulbadan
  • Jahanara


  • Bangla Sahitya (Bengali Literature), the national textbook of intermediate level of Bangladesh published in 1996 by all educational boards.