Shaher Abdulhak

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Shaher Abdulhak
Born c. 1938
Residence Yemen
Nationality Yemeni
Occupation Businessman
Net worth $9 Billion ($9,000,000,000)

Shaher Abdulhak (born c. 1938[1]) is a Yemeni businessman.


In 1963 Abdulhak founded the company "Shaher Trading", an enterprise involved in petroleum, soft drinks, tourism and property.[2][3] Abdulhak is known as the "King of Sugar" in Yemen, where he holds great influence also politically.[4] He is a personal friend of president Ali Abdullah Saleh.[5] In spite of his prominent position in Yemeni society, Abdulhak is media-shy; he never grants interviews and no photo of him has ever been printed in the local press.[4] In December 2009, his picture was shown for the first time in public media when Norwegian newspaper VG printed a private photograph of him.[6] As a titan of industry in the MENA region, he has held prominent positions in supporting growth in developing economies.


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