Shahram Qadir

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Shahram Qadir
Shahram Qadir.JPG
Occupation Filmmaker
Years active 2005–present

Shahram Qadir (Persian: شهرام قادر‎) is an Iranian filmmaker, screenwriter, and photographer.[1] He grew up in Iran in Teheran, Qom, and West Azerbaijan. Shahram lives in Sweden since 1992. He is a master graduate of Södertörn University in Art and Art History in Sweden.[2]


Film Date
Sarab 2005 Short film
The Confessor 2007 Short film
Seeking The Voice 2007 Documentary film
Iranian Anger and Love 2009 Documentary film
Fathe Shab 2010 Documentary film
The Emigrated Birds[3][4][5] 2012 Feature Film
I Named You Afarin 2014 Feature Film
Cry of the Sky 2018 Feature Film


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