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Photograph from 1 May 2002

Shane's Castle, formerly Edenduffcarrick (Irish: Éadan Dubh Chairrge) is a ruined castle near Randalstown in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, having been destroyed by fire in 1816.[1] The castle is on the north-east shores of Lough Neagh. Built in 1345 by a member of the Clandeboy O'Neill dynasty, it was originally called Eden-duff-carrick.[2] Shane MacBrien O'Neill changed the name to Shane's Castle in 1722.[2]


Shanes' castle was originally built in 1345.[3] A fire in 1816 left the castle in ruins though the family papers were saved.[3]

In popular culture[edit]

The castle's 1816 destruction by fire was the subject of John Neal's poem "Castle Shane," published in The Portico the same year.[4] The ruins have been used in the HBO TV series Game of Thrones.[5]

Shane Castle Railway[edit]

Shane Castle Railway

The Shane Castle Railway was the brainchild of Raymond O'Neill, 4th Baron O'Neill, a railway enthusiast, who featured the line as a star experience when opening the Castle as a tourist attraction from 1971 until 1995.[6]

The railway was of 3 ft 0in gauge and in 1982 included the following:[7]

Number Name Wheel Arrangement Manufacturer Works Number Note
No.1 TYRONE 0-4-0T Peckett and Sons 1026 of 1903
No.2 RORY 4wDM Motor Rail 11039 of 1956
No.3 SHANE 0-4-0WT Andrew Barclay Sons & Co. 2265 of 1949
No.4 NIPPY 4wDM F.C. Hibberd & Co Ltd 2014 of 1936
NANCY 0-6-0T Avonside Engine Company 1547 of 1908
6 COLUMBKILLE 2-6-4T Nasmyth, Wilson & Co. Ltd. 830 of 1907
12 0-4-0+4wDMR Walker Brothers (Wigan) at Dundalk, GNR(I) - of 1934
18 0-4-0+4wDMR Walker Brothers (Wigan) at Dundalk, GNR(I) - of 1940
2w-2PMR D Wickham & Co 7441 of 1956

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