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Dr. Shankar Abaji Bhise (29 April 1867 - 7 April 1935[1]) was an Indian scientist.[2]


Shankar Bhise was born in a Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu family in Bombay on 29 April 1867. His father was the Sardar Amin of Surat. At the age of six, his curiosity led him to examine the workings of a clock that was situated in a statue and which caused the statue's eyes to move in harmony with the swinging of its pendulum.[3]

Bhise has to his credit 200 inventions[4], for about 40 of which he took patents.[5] In 1910, Sir Ratan Tata set up the Tata-Bhise invention syndicate in order to finance Bhise’s inventions. Among his inventions were a washing compound and type-caster machines, including the Bhisotype which could output 1,200 characters a minute.[6][7]

In 1910, a seaweed remedy treatments had saved Bisey's life from malaria infection he contracted in France. The name Atomidine comes from a company Bisey formed in 1932 selling a modified seaweed formula. It is a liquid iodine preparation that was recommended as a therapeutic measure in more than 600 "readings" (channelled writings) by the "Sleeping Prophet", Edgar Cayce, one of America's greatest psychics. Cayce had been introduced to it by Bisey in 1931 and has suggested a change in the formula into what is known today as Nascent iodine. His followers maintain Cayce was able to tap into some sort of higher consciousness, such as a god or the akashic record, to get his "psychic knowledge.".[8]


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