Shannon Harbour

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Shannon Harbour looking into the basin from the bridge above the lock

Shannon Harbour has the (Irish: Caladh na Sionainne) older/regional name Cluain Uaine Bheag meaning 'Clononey Beg' or 'little Clononey' after the distance and population and low laying land of the area in comparison to the other side of a stream off the River Brosna, this townsland is called Cluain Uaine Mhor/ Clononey Mor/ 'Big Clononey' ). It is a small village on the banks of the Grand Canal of Ireland. There are facilities for boats to park up on the edge of the canal. There are two pubs in the village, McIntyre's and the Canal Bar. The Canal Bar opens annually for the Shannon Harbour boat rally which is an event organised by the Shannon Harbour branch of the IWAI each year and has been run each year since 1971. In recent years the village has seen a turnover- it has gotten a new road, footpaths, a children's playground, showering facilities for boaters and a community hall.

The Shannon Harbour area lies between Griffith Bridge, a sharp hump-back twist over the Grand Canal and the Railway Bridge, a loop - around bridge over a hidden, derelict, railway.

The village is known as the place where the Shannon, Brosna and Grand Canal meet; a great fishing destination for salmon, perch and pike.

In popular culture[edit]

There is an Irish tune by the name Uaine Bheag. It is a waltz. A recording of this tune by the Irish group Slide can be found on their album entitled Harmonic Motion.

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Coordinates: 53°13′N 7°57′W / 53.217°N 7.950°W / 53.217; -7.950