Shannon Thunderbird

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Shannon Thunderbird
Origin Canada
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, speaker, educator, playwright, author

Shannon Thunderbird is a Coast Tsimshian First Nations singer-songwriter, speaker, educator, recording artist, playwright, and author.[1][2][3]

She is an elder of the Giluts'aaw tribe, Royal House of Niis'gumiik, Gispwudwada (Orca) Clan. She is a medicine wheel teacher and artist/educator who communicates time-honoured indigenous knowledge in a variety of ways, workshops/seminars, drumming circles, stage shows, written word. Thunderbird has worked with thousands of people all over North America, Europe and Asia. In particular, she and her performance partner, Sandy Horne of the Canadian synthpop band the Spoons, has presented over two thousand shows in elementary, secondary schools, universities and colleges across Canada and the United States. She is the president and artistic director of Teya Peya Productions, a First Nations arts/education company she founded in 1991 that includes the Thunderbird Native Theatre of which she is the artistic director.

Her "Thunderous" touring shows include "Wolf Thunder: Big Drums Are Calling!", "Turtle Thunder Sings", "Sweet Thunder Medicine Wheel", "Daughter of the Copper Shield", "Thunder Rolling in the Mountains", Thunder Wolf Songwriting, Vocals and Drumming, Spirit Thunder Drumming and vocal workshops about cultural diversity and North American indigenous cultures.

Written works[edit]

  • Medicine Wheel and Character Education in the 21st Century, by Shannon Thunderbird, Teya Peya Books, 2010. Revised Ed. 2014
  • Featured Contributor: We Do It This Way, ED. Dr. April Go Forth, Thoz Womenz Inc., Alturas, California, 2014
  • Featured Contributor: The Art of Living, A Practical Guide to Being Alive. ED. Claire Elizabeth Terry, Kairos, Spain, 2008.


  • Wind Centre (released, March 2011 with Performance Partner, Sandy Horne)
  • May Your Spirit Be Strong[4]
  • New CD, West Wind & the Woodland Sister due out early 2016.


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