Qin Shaobo

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Shaobo Qin
Born 1982
Guangxi, China

Qin Shaobo (Chinese: 秦少波) is a Chinese actor, acrobat and contortionist.

An internationally acclaimed professional acrobat, Qin made his motion picture debut in 2001, playing The Amazing Yen, Danny Ocean's "grease man" in the remake of Ocean's Eleven. He reprised the role in 2004 in Ocean's Twelve and again in the sequel Ocean's Thirteen. He has no other credited acting roles. He is shown to be an extremely talented acrobat and contortionist.

Born in Guangxi, China in 1982, Shaobo saw his first acrobat performance at the age of eleven and knew immediately that was the career he wanted to pursue. That summer when his family enrolled him in an acrobat school, he ran away after only two days. It took three more tries before he found the courage to stay enrolled and pursue the intense training. He eventually came to the United States where he trains in Los Angeles for the company's international tours.

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