Shatsk, Volyn Oblast

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Szack (in Polish)
Urban Settlement
Shatsk town hall
Shatsk town hall
Flag of Shatsk
Coat of arms of Shatsk
Shatsk is located in Volyn Oblast
Shatsk is located in Ukraine
Coordinates: 51°29′16″N 23°55′47″E / 51.48778°N 23.92972°E / 51.48778; 23.92972Coordinates: 51°29′16″N 23°55′47″E / 51.48778°N 23.92972°E / 51.48778; 23.92972
Country Ukraine
OblastVolyn Oblast
RaionShatsk Raion
 • Total5.75 km2 (2.22 sq mi)
170 m (560 ft)
 • Total5,266
 • Density920/km2 (2,400/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal code
Area code(s)+380 3355

Shatsk (Ukrainian: Шацьк, romanizedShats’k, Polish: Szack, Yiddish: שאצקShatsk) is an urban-type settlement in Volyn Oblast, Ukraine, to the north-west of Kovel. It is the administrative center of Shatsk Raion. Population: 5,255 (2021 est.)[1]

The village is situated in a picturesque area in the western part of Volyn Woodlands, surrounded by lakes, which are sometimes called Shatsky (Velyke Chorne, Svitiaz, Pulemetske, Luka, Liutsymer, Somynets, Karasynets, Ozertse).


Historical affiliations

Kyivan Rus' 1255-1410
Crown of the Kingdom of Poland 1410–1569
Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth 1569–1795
 Russian Empire 1795–1917
 Second Polish Republic 1919–1945
    Soviet Union 1939–1941 (occupation)
    Nazi Germany 1941–1944 (occupation)
    Soviet Union 1944–1945 (occupation)
 Soviet Union 1945–1991
 Ukraine 1991–present

In Ukrainian sources, the town located in this area is mentioned twice, in 1255 and in 1287. In Polish sources the town is first mentioned in 1410. During the Invasion of Poland it was the battlefield of the Battle of Szack between Polish forces of general Wilhelm Orlik-Rueckemann and the Soviet 4th Army.

The Jewish population of the village at the beginning of the German occupation was probably around 300. Germans arrived in the village on June 30, 1941. In October 1941, the Jews of the city and surrounding villages were held captives in a ghetto. Shortly after, 319 Jews were shot by the Einsatzkommando and German police.[2]


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