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Coordinates: 40°33′52″N 78°02′50″W / 40.56455°N 78.04722°W / 40.56455; -78.04722 Shaver's Creek is a 19.6-mile-long (31.5 km)[1] tributary of the Juniata River in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania in the United States.[2]

Shaver's Creek joins the Juniata River at the borough of Petersburg.[2]

The creek gives its name to the Shaver's Creek Environmental Center.


The creek was named for Peter Shaver, an original settler in that area within the Juniata Valley. Little is known of his life, but he was described as dying in “a most singular manner” after being found decapitated near his home. His murder proved to be a significant mystery at the time because his head was never recovered after extensive searches of the area.

During the American Revolutionary War, an energetic settler in the area named Samuel Anderson, who had also married Peter's widow, Rhoda, erected a blockhouse fort on the flat near the mouth of the creek which was occupied during the war.[3]

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