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Shaw 10.6CR

Shaw Yacht Design, is a design company known for high performance sportsboats and small keelboats. The principal designer is Rob Shaw, a lecturer in Marine Technology at Unitec's Department of Transport Technology in Auckland,[1]

Shaw yacht design has come to wider notice with micro boats. Rob Shaw's own boat "Karma Police" (Shaw 9) and its sister ship "Deep Throttle" and the Shaw 10 "Orbit" have been making waves in New Zealand racing circles by out performing boats far larger than them, including taking the first three places on handicap in the HSBC Coastal Classic 2010.[2] "Karma Police", sailed by Shaw and Ben Costello, finished second overall on line and PHRF in the 2011 Round the North Island two-handed race.[3]

According to the RaceTrack online yacht performance database, Shaw 10 "Orbit" is ranked 10th, Shaw 9 "Karma Police" 14th, and Shaw 7.5 "Animal Biscuits" 19th fastest keelboat in New Zealand.[4]

The Shaw 650 sportsboat is now available as a production boat.[5]


  • Shaw 550: Trailer sailer compliant asymmetric sports boat, capable of sailing with crew of 2/3 with twin rudders.
  • Shaw 650: Winged Asymmetric Sports boat.[7]
  • Shaw 650 Turbo: 4 trapeze and larger rigged version of the 650.
  • Shaw 7 and 750: Sports boats with large racks, looking more like a skiff than a keel boat.
  • Shaw 8 More conventional sports boat, with a fixed keel and outboard motor in a well.
  • Shaw 9: Canting keel yacht capable of short handed coastal/offshore racing.
  • Shaw 950: Fixed keel cruiser/racer yacht capable of club/offshore racing.
  • Shaw 10: Flushed decked canting keel yacht.
  • Shaw 10.6CR: A cruiser/racer with a canting keel.
  • Shaw 11: A racer/cruiser with a canting keel, developed from the Shaw 9m.
  • Shaw 12: A racer/cruiser with a canting keel, developed from the Shaw 11m.

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