Shawanaga Township

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Shawanaga Township is located in Ontario
Shawanaga Township
Shawanaga Township
Location of Shawanaga Township in Ontario

Shawanaga is an unorganized geographic township in the Canadian province of Ontario, located within the Parry Sound District. Part of the census subdivision of Unorganized Centre Parry Sound District, the township includes the community of Madigans and part of Round Lake Provincial Park. The township historically had larger boundaries, also including the community of Skerryvore, but most of it has been incorporated into the municipal township of The Archipelago; only a small portion in the southeast corner of the former township still exists as Shawanaga Township.

The township is served by provincial Highway 69.

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Coordinates: 45°29′46″N 80°15′14″W / 45.496°N 80.254°W / 45.496; -80.254