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For the football coach, see Shawn Elliott (American football).
Not to be confused with Sean Elliott or Sam Elliott.
Shawn Elliott
Shawn Elliott (Dutch TV, 1965)
Born Shawn Elliott Santiago
March 1937
Santurce, Puerto Rico
Died (aged 79)
Occupation Actor, singer
Years active ?–2016
Spouse(s) Donna Murphy (1990–2016; his death)
Children 3

Shawn Elliott Santiago (March 1937–March 11, 2016) was an American actor and former singer.

Early years[edit]

Elliott was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, and grew up in New York City's East Harlem area.[1]

Singing career[edit]

Elliott had a hit in Europe with a cover of Sir Lancelot's "Shame And Scandal In The Family" in 1965.[2] The cover failed to chart in America where English comedian Lance Percival's version charted. However Peter Tosh and the Wailers, as well as the Blues Busters, copied the arrangement used by Elliot in preparing their own later covers of the song.

Elliott originally recorded for Roulette Records,[3] before moving with his brother Roland to Atlantic Records in 1968,[4][5] though none of his later records charted in Europe or the US.

Selected discography[edit]

  • "Shame And Scandal In The Family", B-side "Josephine" 1965
  • Marieke
  • "Child Is Father To The Man", 1971

Acting career[edit]

After his last single Elliott turned increasingly to acting. He is known for his role as Eduardo Fernandez, father of Alex (David López) and Gaby Fernandez (Mayteana Morales) on the TV show Ghostwriter. His most recent role was in the movie Arbitrage.

He also appeared on Broadway, in City of Angels (1989) and Marie Christine (1999).[6]

Personal life[edit]

Elliott was married to actress Donna Murphy in 1990. Elliott has two daughters from a previous relationship, Ivy and Justine. In 2006, Elliott and Murphy adopted a daughter, Darmia Hope.[7][8]


Elliott died on March 11, 2016 at the age of 79.[9]



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