She's Mature

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She's Mature
She's Mature.gif
Studio album by Plastic Little
Released September 19, 2006 [1]
Recorded 2006
Genre Rap, Underground rap
Length 73:51
Label Traffic Entertainment, Tonearm
Producer Michael Stern
Plastic Little chronology
She's Mature
Welcome to the Jang House
(2008)Welcome to the Jang House2008

She's Mature is the debut studio album by the Philadelphian rap group, Plastic Little. The album was released on September 19, 2006 through Traffic Entertainment Group.

The album contains many samples from a wide variety of sources, ranging from the 70s Disco song "The Hustle" by Van McCoy sampled in track "1-800-Grustlin" and the classic American folk song "Wade in the Water" in "The Jumpoff"; to the beat from the RZA song "4th Chamber", from GZA's Liquid Swords, being sampled in the tribute / parody "5th Chamber". Even the cover of the album mimics The Smiths single "This Charming Man".[2]


The advertising for the album, a two part series of adverts published in Vice magazine, among others, caused some controversy for the aforementioned magazine. The initial, "a hipster's homoerotic fantasies involving Jay-Z",[3] ran without complaint; however the latter, which disparaged hip-hop clothing line Triple 5 soul, was banned from the magazine due to, according to Graham Sanford of GapersBlock, "the mag's editors -- fearing a loss in revenue from a staple sponsor".[3] This was, however, later overturned.[4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Hi Bitches" (Come New Remix by King Honey) Jayson Musson, Jon Folmar, Kurt Hunte King Honey 3:55
2. "Rap O'Clock" Musson, Hunte, Folmar Michael Stern 3:04
3. "Hola Plastique" Hunte, Folmar, Musson Stern 4:01
4. "Beef Resolved"     2:29
5. "All Ya'll Niggas Dead" Hunte, Musson, Folmar Stern 2:35
6. "Creative Differences" Hunte, Musson, Folmar Stern, Hunte 4:32
7. "Club Banger" Musson, Hunte, Stern, Folmar Stern 3:35
8. "Dopeness" Hunte, Musson Stern 2:02
9. "The Jumpoff" Folmar, Hunte, Musson Stern 3:08
10. "Boys" (feat. MF Doom) Hunte, Folmar, Musson ROTFLOL 3:19
11. "Now I Hollar" (feat. Spank Rock) Hunte, Folmar, Musson, Naeem Juwan Diplo 3:33
12. "Bomb in the Club Hoe" (B.I.T.C.H.) Musson, Folmar, Hunte Folmar 3:03
13. "Get Close" (King Honey Remix) Hunte, Folmar, Musson King Honey 4:10
14. "Bum Rush the Set" (feat. Amanda Blank, DJ Low Budget) Hunte, Folmar, Musson J. Fowler 4:10
15. "1-800-Grustlin'" Hunte, Folmar, Musson Stern 2:26
16. "5th Chamber" Hunte, Folmar, Musson Jim Houser 3:31
17. "Remix!!!" Musson, Folmar, Hunte Stern 3:42
18. "4$ Love Song" Musson Hunte 2:16
19. "Steven and Billy" Folmar, Musson, Hunte Steven Ward James 4:18
20. "Crambodia" (feat Spank Rock, Amanda Blank, Ghostface Killah) Hunte, Folmar, Musson Fowler, King Honey 4:48
21. "Nemel's Outro"     3:55
Total length: 73:51

Hidden Track[edit]

There is a secret track after "Nemel's Outro". It is a remix of the song "Brooklyn" from their self-released album, Thug Paradise 2.1.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Pitchfork Media 7.4/10 [5]
XLR8R Neutral [6]
Montreal Mirror 8.5/10 stars [7]
Rhapsody Music Positive [8]
Impose Magazine Neutral [9]

The album received mixed reviews. Pitchfork Media awarded the album 7.4 out of 10 and had the following to say about the album and Plastic Little's general outlook and sound:

It's worth noting that for all their love/hate toggling over rap, Plastic Little have got an album cover that pays tribute to the Smiths' "This Charming Man" sleeve, and songs that sample "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" and PJ Harvey's "Down By the Water" (on the surprisingly aching Diplo-produced "Now I Hollar"). So there's more to them than simple hip-hop snickering. They're art school kids exposed to the banality of indie culture, but in love with it, too. They're also guys who seemingly watch a lot of porn and enjoy rapping about it. To hear self-loathing on a rap record that has nothing to do with regrets about the street life is a welcome change-up. If Plastic Little can ever find the balance between incisive and acerbic, they're bound to hit on some sort of Spinal Rap masterpiece. Until then, at least all the beats are banging.

— Sean Fennessey [5]

This was partially supported by Rupert Bottenberg of the Montreal Mirror who stated that "She's Mature doesn't just tread the idiot/savant axis, but strives for the extreme poles thereof. Their rhymes are rude, crude and oversexed—and ridiculously clever and funny to boot." and awarded the album an 8.5 out of 10.[7] This does, however, also highlight a common detraction of this work; namely that, in reference to their "post-PC, ironic humor": "you've just got to have the stomach for it".[6] Max Herman, of Impose Magazine, also mentioned that the band "are only out to clown atop SQUID's bouncy beats, which is why their music is better suited for the party rather than the iPod".[9]



  • Vocals – Jayson Musson, Jon Folmar, Kurt Hunte
  • Featured vocalists:
    • Billy Blaise Dufala (track 19)
  • Beats: Michael Stern
  • Flute: Billy Blaise Dufala (track 19)
  • Mixing: Si Young
  • Artwork by: Anthony Smyrski
  • Photography: Adam Wallacavage



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