She-Wolves of the Wasteland

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She-Wolves of the Wasteland
DVD Cover Art
Directed by Robert Hayes
Produced by Peter Yuval
Written by
  • Robert Hayes
  • Dan Rotblatt
Music by Dan Radlauer
Cinematography Paul Maibaum
Edited by Brian Evans
Distributed by Action International
Release date
  • 1988 (1988)[1]
Running time
89 minutes
Country United States
Language English

She-Wolves of the Wasteland, also known as Phoenix the Warrior and She Wolves of the Wasteland, is a 1988 American post apocalyptic film directed by Robert Hayes.


A group of women battle to save the world in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.


It debuted on VHS in 1988 with the title Phoenix the Warrior.

Echo Bridge Entertainment released it on DVD in the US on November 6, 2007.[2]


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  • "Phoenix the Warrior (review)". Variety: 28. 1988-05-28. 

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