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Sheath pronounced as /ʃθ/, may refer to:

  • Scabbard, a sheath for holding a sword, knife, or other large blade, as well as guns, such as rifles.
  • The outer covering of a cable
  • Condom, a kind of contraception
  • Debye sheath, a layer of a plasma in physics
  • Heliosheath, the region of the heliosphere beyond the termination shock
  • Koteka, a penis sheath worn by some natives of New Guinea
  • Sheath (album), a 2003 techno album by LFO
  • Sheath dress, a type of dress
  • Kosha, an element in human being makeup according to Hinduist philosophy


  • Leaf sheath, the leaf base when it forms a vertical coating surrounding the stem


  • Carotid sheath, connective tissue around the neck's vascular compartment
  • Myelin sheath, an insulating layer over the axon of a neuron
  • Preputial sheath, protective skin around the penis or clitoris
  • Rectus sheath, the laminas around abdominal muscles
  • Root sheath, the inner or epidermic coat around the root of a hair follicle
  • Tendon sheath, a synovial membrane surrounding a tendon in, for example, the fingers
  • Vagina, the internal structure of the female genitalia

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