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Shebartoo (شیبرتو/شبرتو , Dasht-e Shebartu)
Country Afghanistan
Province Bamiyan Province
District Shahidan (Shaidan) district
Coordinates 34°46′52″N 67°29′25″E / 34.781111°N 67.490278°E / 34.781111; 67.490278Coordinates: 34°46′52″N 67°29′25″E / 34.781111°N 67.490278°E / 34.781111; 67.490278
Location of Shebartoo within Afghanistan

Shebartoo (also Shibartu, Shibartoo, Shibarto, Sebartoo, Shebarto, Shebartu, Sebartu, Sibartoo), (Dari/Hazaragi language: شیبرتو/شبرتو, Dasht-e Shebartu) is a plain in Shahidan (Shaidan) district, west of Bamiyan city, the provincial capital of Bamiyan Province. The Shebartoo lies on the Bamiyan — Band-e AmirYakawlang road, about half-way between the Bamiyan valley and the Band-e Amir lakes.
The seven villages located on the Shebartoo are:

    • Pirdad : پیرداد
    • Habashi : حبشی
    • Eikhtiyaran : اختیاران
    • Kaj : کج
    • Goombazi :گومبزی
    • Sarma Ghol : سرما قول
    • Bum-e Shibar : بوم شیبر


The people who live on the Shebartoo are known as the Shebartoo Hazara.


The gravel strip known as Shebartoo Airport, which is also called Bamiyan Airport (ICAO: OABN; IATA: BIN),[1] is the main airport for Bamiyan Province.[2][3]


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Further reading[edit]

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