Shaykh Ali Khan Zangana

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Shaykh Ali Khan Zangana (Persian: شیخ علی خان زنگنه‎‎, died 1689), was a Kurdish aristocrat, who served as the vizier of the Safavid king (shah) Suleiman I (r. 1666–1694) from 1669 to 1689.


A native of the Kermanshah Province, Shaykh Ali Khan was the son of Ali Beg Zangana, and belonged to the Zangana tribe, a Sunni Kurdish tribe native to the province.[1][2] Shaykh Ali Khan had two brothers named Najaf Quli Beg Zangana and Shahrukh Sultan Zangana and also had several sons, whom were: Husayn Ali Khan Zangana, Suleiman Khan Zangana, Ismail Beg Zangana, Abbas Beg Zangana, Abbas Quli Beg Zangana, and the most prominent one being Shah Quli Khan Zangana, who would also later serve as vizier of the empire.[3]



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Preceded by
Mirza Mohammad Mahdi Karaki
Vizier of the Safavid Empire
1669 - 1689
Succeeded by
Mohammad Tahir Qazvini