Shek Wai Kok

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Shek Wai Kok New Village

Shek Wai Kok (Chinese: 石圍角) is a hilly area at the northwest of Tsuen Wan.


In late 19th Century, it was one of four yeuk (約, district or administration unit) in Tsuen Wan, together with Hoi Pa (海壩), Kwai Chung and Tsing Yi. The heads of four yeuks formed a 荃灣安全局 (lit. Tsuen Wan Security Council) to secure the area of Tsuen Wan.

The area was historically occupied by villages, which were relocated to Wo Yi Hop Road near Lei Muk Shue Estate in Kwai Chung and called Shek Wai Kok Sun Village (Chinese: 石圍角新村; literally: "Shek Wai Kok New Village"), since the construction of public housing estate, Shek Wai Kok Estate.


Northern Shek Wai Kok attracts Taoist building their temples among the hills.