Shel Mi HaShura HaZot?

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Shel Mi HaShura HaZot?
"Whose Line Is It?"
Presented by Shlomo Braba
Idan Alterman
Country of origin Israel
Original language(s) Hebrew
No. of seasons 4
Original network Channel 2

Shel Mi HaShura HaZot? (Hebrew: של מי השורה הזאת‎, lit. Whose Line Is It?) is an Israeli version of the British improvisational comedy TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, which aired from 2000 to 2001 on Channel 2 and from 2006 to 2007 on Channel 10. It was hosted by Shlomo Baraba in the first two seasons and by Idan Alterman in the third and fourth. The show consisted of a panel of four performers who create scenes on the spot.


First and second seasons
  • Shlomo Baraba (host)
  • Dror Keren
  • Shira Alon
  • Alon Neuman
  • Roi Levy
  • Sharon Teicher
  • Tomer Sharon ("Tomasz")
Third and fourth season
  • Idan Alterman (host)
  • Tomer Sharon ("Tomasz")
  • Shmulik Levy
  • Elinor Rock
  • Maor Cohen
  • Yael Leventhal

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