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Shel Trapp
Shel Trapp.jpg
DiedOctober 18, 2010 (aged 74–75)
OccupationCommunity activist

Shel Trapp (1935 – October 18, 2010) was a community organizer based in Chicago, co-founder of National People's Action (along with Gale Cincotta), and author of several books and pamphlets on community organizing.[1] Trapp and Cincotta are widely credited with writing the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). Trapp has also been responsible for training hundreds of community organizers throughout the United States through the National Training and Information Center. He retired in 2000 and died of pneumonia in October 2010.[2]


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Pamphlets by Trapp[edit]

  • Basics of Organizing. Chicago: National Training and Information Center, 1986.
  • Blessed Be the Fighters: Reflections on Organizing . . . Collected Essays. Chicago: National Training and Information Center, 1986.
  • Dynamics of Organizing. Chicago: National Training and Information Center, 1976.

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