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Not to be confused with American indie band, The Shins
Chinese name 信樂團 (traditional)
Chinese name 信乐团 (simplified)
Pinyin Xìn yuètuán (Mandarin)
Origin Republic of China (Taiwan)
Genre(s) Rock, Mandopop
Instrument(s) Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, drums
Label(s) Avex Taiwan (2002–2006)
Years active 2002–present
Official website Music Nation Wingman
Liu Wenjie
Past Members

Shin (traditional Chinese: 信樂團; simplified Chinese: 信乐团; pinyin: Xìn yuètuán) is a Taiwanese five-man Mandopop rock band who debuted in 2002 with their self-titled album, Shin (信樂團同名專輯). The name 'Shin' came from the groups's former lead vocalist, Shin. Other members include guitarist Chris, bass player Max, keyboard player Tomi, and drummer Michael. The band is managed by Music Nation Wingman Limited (大國翼星娛樂).

Apart from Shin's home market of Taiwan, the band also have fans in Mainland China, Hong Kong and among overseas Chinese. Some of the bands well-known songs include "死了都要愛", "離歌", "海闊天空", "One Night in 北京", "天亮以後說分手", "天高地厚". The track "一了百了" is listed at number 38 on Hit Fm Taiwan's Hit Fm Annual Top 100 Singles Chart (Hit-Fm年度百首單曲) for 2002.[1]

On 20 March 2007, lead vocalist Shin left the band to launch his solo career. The remaining members spend the next few years looking for a new lead vocalist. In early 2010, Shin debut with new lead singer Liu Wenjie (劉文傑).[2]

Band members[edit]

Current members[edit]

  • Michael (黃邁可) - drums (2002-present)
  • Tomi (傅超華) - keyboard (2002-present)
  • Chris (孫志群) - guitar (2002-present)
  • Max (劉曉華) - bass guitar (2002-present)
  • Liu Wenjie (劉文傑) - lead vocals (2008-present)

Former members[edit]


Year Name Label
May 2002 Shin (信樂團同名專輯) Avex Taiwan
April 2003 Tian Gao Di Hou (天高地厚) Avex Taiwan
February 2004 Hai Kuo Tian Kong (海闊天空) Avex Taiwan
December 2004 Tiao Xin (挑信) Avex Taiwan
April 2006 One Night @ Mars Concert Live (One Night@火星演唱會Live) Avex Taiwan
October 2011 Jiu Shi Wei Yi (就是唯一)


  • 死了都要愛 - starring role
  • At the Dolphin Bay (海豚灣戀人) - cameo
  • Westside Story (西街少年) - Chirs, Tomi and Shin cameo


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